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The Orphans of Vinesnake Hill - Bonus Edition

Missing people in a secluded town. Rumors of a cursed forest. Is your group ready to find out what is going on in the village of Vinesnake Hill?

This 5E adventure for players of levels 1-4 consists of a 63-page PDF booklet, beautiful artwork, new tokens and maps. All maps come in gridded and non-gridded, low and high resolution versions.

The adventure is easy to adapt to any setting. It is meant as an introductory adventure to the setting of Braythe: Shattered Realities. You can access the free core setting including a limited version of this adventure at the Braythe WorldAnvil website. The adventure features an intense and detailed storyline, interesting characters and locations as well as several ways to solve the challenges.

The adventure contains some body horror elements. It can easily be interpreted as a creepy adventure for your Halloween game!

What is the bonus content?

Compared to the adventure's free version, you receive ten additional tokens for creatures and characters that appear in the adventure, an additional map in a day and night version, as well as artwork showing the holy symbol of a local deity.

Chapters of the adventure

Part 1: Vinesnake Hill

The adventurers enter the town of Vinesnake Hill, and hear about the missing people. Their investigations uncover clues pointing to a cursed area of the local forest.

Part 2: Journey to the Wizard's Tower

Traveling through a wild forest can be dangerous all by itself. But when part of that forest has been tainted by a corrupting force, the challenges become even more deadly!

Part 3: The Tower Ruin

The adventurers find the source of the problems in Vinesnake Hill. How they solve the troubles is entirely up to them!


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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