15 Magic Items for 5E
A system-agnostic city setting
Born from the soul of a forest spirit, the Pa'ka resemble humanoid red pandas with wings.
This mission doesn't just take an unexpected turn. It goes entirely off the rails and into unknown territory!
Two crypts. Both hide a dangerous evil. Challenge your players with these sinister battlemaps!
Evil books. Dangerous curses. Vicious, powerful items. This ain’t your regular small town library...
Missing people. Rumors of a cursed forest. Is your group ready to uncover the secrets in the village of Vinesnake Hill?
A mystical desert location - and a new goblin race inhabiting it
Camroq are desert-dwelling half-orcs that fused with their chameleon pets!
What begins as an errand to a potion shop turns into a journey into a postapocalyptic land to save a dying man.